Environ Skin Care

A truly effective skin care range that you can advance in stages as your skin becomes accustomed to the active ingredients. When compared to other top quality lines, Environ is in the mid-price range - very good value for money. After all, why use a mediocre product when you can use a great one? Founder Dr. Des Fernandes started studying skin cancer in the early 1980s - he is a pioneer in the field and remains very passionate and up-to-date on cutting edge practices. How do we know this? Find a facialist who is trained in Environ and you'll hear all about the in-depth training, Dr. Fernandes' commitment and genuine passion that is palpable in his teaching methods.

Suzanne Says
“I'm fortunate, as I inherited my mother's great skin. Genes do play a crucial role, but I believe equally so does how we care for our skin. (Dermatologists and facialists have stated this for years, but I don't always trust skin care lines touted by either group if there is a profit to be made.) For 4+ years I’ve been using Environ, developed by a leading dermatologist in South Africa. Despite all of the flying and outdoor sports I do, my skin is well hydrated, supple and youthful — part good health, enough sleep, part genes, part Environ! I do use a needle roller 1x per week, but from another company - Environ's is not strong enough (see their Instruments tab on the website) so I'd skip purchasing any of their instruments and stick to the topicals. ”

Choose which range to start with so it is not too strong (factor 1 or 2). Use the provided online guidance to choose which of the range is best suited to your needs: View their recommended products based on your concerns here.

The AVST range, Ionzyme, Colustrum gel and EsentiA oil are my personal favorites. Their eye gel and RAD sunscreen for upcoming summer months are always with me at all times come June. I mix Ionzyme with AVST in the morning in the palm of my hand and literally have a dewey glow till late afternoon. Oh, and their lip balm is tops - no scent, no taste - just works.

How to buy
www.DiscoverEnviron.com for US sales
www.environ.co.za to find a stockist near you outside of the US

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