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“This is a brilliant concept – one which made for one of our best memories of our recent Bologna trip - perfect for a lover of Italian food and culture, and really anyone who is excited about the idea of meeting a local cook and eating with them in their private home. Essentially, Home Food sets up culinary experts (called Cesarinas) around the country whereby the ‘host’ cooks and hosts a traditional Italian/regional meal in their home. Locations and settings vary from a cozy dining room in a Roman apartment to an outdoor lunch on a Tuscan terrace. And wherever you go, you are guaranteed that your meal will be cooked with ingredients and recipes typical to the city and region, as well as to the time of year. Friends had turned us onto Home Food – they attended an intimate dinner in the home of a young Milanese couple while they were on a business trip in Milano. They reported: ‘The couple, with whom we now stay in touch via email, were so lovely and welcoming – both spoke English – and their cooking was out of this world! Our first dish was unforgettable, a traditional Milanese “oss bus” (sliced veal) served with a white risotto. Just delicious!’ This is really something not to be missed on your next Italian journey.”
- Trusted (Parents): Bob & Louise Aaronson, Greenwich, CT
(Date Experienced: November 2012 - in Bologna)

Great for
An authentic Italian family-style meal you’ll never forget.

With whom
Friends, family, solo or as a couple.

Memorable moment
Dinner was with two other couples (not including the hosts), and I can honestly say it was our best night in Bologna. We all made quick friends and stayed long after the food was all gone, sipping espresso and chatting about music, specialty foods and world travel. When we left we all exchanged hugs and email addresses – we also were sent away with a list of Bologna’s best foodie shops we then visited the following days and sent a few boxes to the States.

Best time to go
All year round – every season introduces a whole new world of ingredients.

Be aware
The schedule of meals and locations is limited – so as soon as you know your travel plans make sure to register as a member and check the calendar to book an event in the city you’ll be visiting.

Annual membership fee is €50, which includes your first lunch or dinner. Following that, most meals range from €30 to €40 per person.


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