IZO Cleanze


Need to lose a few pounds and clean up your toxed out system? Highly recommend this top-quality juices-only program for a week. The ingredients used in juices and teas are of the best quality, the owner/founder is on hand to support his clients; the effect: feel and look wonderful. Most lose at least a couple pounds if not more.

Suzanne Says
“I’ll find this easier in to stick to in warmer months — but am so glad I did it and lost some bloat! I’d like to gather some friends and a fab yoga teacher, rent a house in Malibu and detox with IZO for a week this June.”

If you’re receiving this via Fed-Ex, be aware it is a bit messy and cumbersome to deal with. Do start three days prior at least eating 50% less than you typically would and cut out alcohol and coffee. You’ll thank me...


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