You should never leave home without quality medical protection, especially if you’re traveling anywhere abroad.

Suzanne Says
“Luckily I’ve never required medical evacuation, but it's a tiny price to pay for peace of mind knowing I’ll be taken of should something happen.”

The regular membership covers member while traveling in the United States and abroad. The domestic membership only covers members while they are traveling within the United States.


MedjetAssist is a medical evacuation service that arranges bedside-to-bedside medical transfer for members that are hospitalized while they are at least 150 miles away from home. The average domestic medical evacuations can exceed $30,000 and international evacuations average $100,000 but an individual MedjetAssist annual membership service is only $250. And since it’s not insurance there are no transportation cost limitations and no pre-existing condition exclusions.

While on a motorcycle trip through Bhutan, a 53-year-old Medjet member sustained multiple traumatic injuries in a motorcycle accident. He was hospitalized in Thimphu, Bhutan. After initial stabilization, Medjet arranged his medical transfer from Thimphu to Delhi, India, and finally to his home hospital in St. Paul, MN for surgical intervention and rehabilitation. Savings to Member: $151,624

Individual annual memberships starting at $250. Annual family memberships starting at $385 - Worth It!

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