Nicobella Organics

Forget denying yourself for the sake of health: chocolate minus nasties equals a decadent treat you can truly indulge in.

Suzanne Says
“When I see VEGAN on a food label, I typically turn away. If you are Vegan, now you’ve found the most delicious chocolate you could imagine. If not — you’ve still found one of the most delicious chocys that is also healthy! Trust me — chocolate is my middle name.”

Healthy chocolate truffles — yeah... right! But believe me, they do exist: Nicobella vegan organic dark chocolate truffles are delicious AND nutritious.

Nicobella have replaced sickly sweet ganache fillings with vegan, natural ingredients such as organic oat milk, organic cocoa butter and organic banana puree; sweetened with agave syrup or brown rice syrup and infused with yummy, healthy ingredients such as blueberries, green tea, pumpkin chai or nuts. Every ingredient has its benefits: antioxidant, vitamins and minerals.

The entire range is specifically designed to be healthy: Walnut Flaxseed Crunch, Green Tea and Ginger or Blueberry Almond etc etc. Even purists can enjoy the benefits with Pure Cocoa Bliss — did you know flavonol-rich dark chocolate can reduce blood pressure and improve circulation? With an average calorie content of 46 per truffle, and just 3.7g of fat, what are you waiting for?!

From $13.50 per box — great value and Worth It!

These make a great and unusual gift that everyone can enjoy — next time you’re going to a dinner party bring these.

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