Somme Institute Skincare

A skincare company the really delivers on its promise to enhance and bring out the best in your skintype. Somme's team spent seven years testing and tracking 5,000 patients to find out what treatments and techniques actually work. The result is their unique Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 - basically a vitamin/protein delivery system that gets all the goodies 3-4 mm deep into the skin.

Suzanne Says
The unique process really does work; the results were impressive for a 46 year old editor on our team who had been experiencing adult acne. The ability to deliver vitamins right into the skin cell receptors sems to really bump up the absorption and can therefore help with skin tone and texture, sun damage, discoloration, wrinkles, acne etc.

If you can’t get to a spa, there is also great selection of cleansers, moisturizers and specific serums and creams which also have the MDT5 technology. The five-step program is really the way to go to get the most benefit and see actual results at home.


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