Sophie March & Co. The Order Restorers

Do you rummage through your closet for the perfect thing to wear, unable to find anything? Your cupboards and bookshelves in dis-array? Sophie transforms your belongings into neat, logically organized and easily locatable collections.

Suzanne Says
“For 9 years I've had the helping hands of Sophie - she is invaluable.”

Sophie has an enviable and formidable skill: speedy organization. Years ago after being asked by a friend to help a country gentleman organize his family home and history, Sophie decided to turn pro, and help others sort out the clutter in their lives.

No task too large... Sophie sees possibilities for order where other only see chaos. Let her take over your wardrobe, office or entire home, and when you return, it will be categorized, organized and effectively stored and filed. Belongings are categorized with the client as keepers, trash or charity, then stored away and documented so you have a map of where your belongings 'live'. Perfect if you're moving home, need a closet clear-out, or just can't face sorting the office.

£350 and up per session - Worth It!

Let Sophie separate your clothing by colour and/or style and when the season turns, have her come to swap over your wardrobe.

Trusted Source
"One of those small, purposeful women on whose spotless table linen and iron-clad constitutions empires were built, she pulled on rubber gloves with matron-like efficiency and ushered me off to make tea as she submerged herself in the rubbish with glee." - The Telegraph, June 2005

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*Will travel anywhere in the UK

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