Sorelle Firenze


Stylish, down-to-earth and wonderful to work with! Florentine sisters Barbara and Monica Abbatemaggio are a panoply of talents that make the style side of your life both more streamlined and fun. This duo of designers/stylists/wardrobe consultants created their fashion/home styling consultancy to help busy women and men alike sort through their wardrobe to create looks that are unique, elegant, and of the time — devising styles that best suit each individual client. Want to knock off your favorite trousers in two different fabrics? Re-make a dress you once adored? Find the perfect black dress? You’re in the right hands — they do it all with flair and practicality.

The way one dresses, what ‘style’ means to you, is based on your lifestyle, taste and professional & personal needs. Whether someone is dressing to fit their post-pregnancy body, is looking for the perfect event outfit, is starting a new career, or has a flurry of social engagements, the sisters create complete looks based on your current wardrobe (including accessories) and conduct personal shopping to fill in any gaps.

Their talents also lie in home-styling as well. Add to that their own range of feminine designs and bespoke wedding gowns and you’ve got the makings of a new speed dial entry on your phone...


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