Starbay Furniture

Unique, clever pieces inspired by the exotic allure of past-era ocean liners. Top-notch quality and a real WOW factor whilst being elegant.

Suzanne Says
“I just ordered six pieces for my new home, including the useful and ever-so-charming Marie Gallante chest to fill with jewelry, cosmetics etc. A girls treat!”

Distributors across the globe, and appearances at temporary furniture fairs - check the website and find out when they are coming near you.

How to buy
USA via distributor
Harrods in London

If you'd like to evoke a sense of exoticism in your home this collection is a great find. Furniture inspired by the glamorous ocean-going liners of previous centuries, with touches of the exotic destinations that welcomed the ships.

Materials such as rosewood, brass handles and locks, glossy varnishes and hand-carved bone add a decadence to practical pieces. You can feel the age of the luxury liner just by looking at them, and pieces are named according the their origins: such as the beautiful Paravent screen from Goa, or a portable, wooden-encased, wash basin, the Lavabo, labeled 'Trekking' and evoking old-age safari and exploration.

From $600 and up - Worth It!

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