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“Holistic health is a real passion of mine. I’m a closet nutritionist! (I have a degree from the College of Natural Health in London.) and am a voracious reader of various books and medical journal articles, both of Western and Eastern disciplines. If you or someone you love has trouble with: mind-clarity, fatigue, chronic digestive problems, weight concerns please take 5 minutes to read and forward along this overview! Most doctors treat obvious symptoms, from the surface, and the patient might feel better for a month, but nothing more. Dr. Morrison is the real-deal – he gets to the bottom of his patient’s issues and prescribes and supports holistically to heal and rid the body of what is causing the issue to begin with. Why feel like crap most days when you could feel great?”
- Suzanne

How to work with Dr. Morrison
Schedule an appointment: Call 212-989-9828 and ask for Hildy, the Practice Manager. Further contact details are available at
What to expect: There is typically a 4-week wait time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Morrison; it just depends when you call, what the schedule is like.
Where you’ll likely start: At your first visit, you will meet with Dr. Morrison, or one of his associates, and receive a physical examination. They’ll take a detailed medical history and order tests that will be needed to develop your treatment plan. Be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time at the Center. You will receive a preliminary diet and supplement suggestion, which may include the use of IV vitamin and mineral protocols. When your test results are completed, you will need to have a follow-up visit with Dr. Morrison, or his associate, to review and discuss your treatment plan. Subsequent medical follow-up appointments will be made to monitor the progress of your therapy.

Case Study: Monica Anderson, 65 years old (NYC & CT)
“For at least 15 years I knew something was off, and my symptoms seemed to get worse – despite various attempts to cut this or that out of my diet. I was gaining weight – but only in my belly! My energy levels were lower than should have been, I had a lack of focus and an overall ‘blahness’. Imagine eating a small salad with olive oil and having your stomach bloat?! There was no sense to it... I’d eat a steak and feel fine some days, have a piece of fruit others and feel absolutely full and lack appetite. I’ve always been active: tennis a couple times per week, long walks, yoga, swimming; and I grew up eating incredibly healthful, high-quality foods made fresh daily, in my mother’s and then my own kitchen. I do not suffer high stress and generally sleep 7-8 hours nightly.

My daughter Leyla kept her eye on my symptoms and discomfort for years and sought after remedies and routines that seemed destined to help. When she met Dr. Morrison after a lecture and subsequently read his book: Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind, she asked around. It turned out that three friends over the course of a handful of years had been significantly helped if not completely made better by Dr. Morrison’s detailed seek and find techniques to then treat and heal each patient in the individual manner necessary, but so often overlooked by big medicine and health insurance companies.

Here is what Dr. Morrison found, which - please note - no other specialist in Switzerland where I was living, or NY/CT where we moved two years ago had even chipped the surface. I was diagnosed in January 2013 with two parasites, likely that had been in my system for 15+ years, resulting in the snowball effect of symptoms including an overgrowth of bad bacteria in my small intestine. My thyroid was in underactive (hypo) state despite the meds I was given years ago to help regulate post a part-removal. I had a sluggish lymphatic system and overall a congested liver – despite my whole life of healthful eating and daily exercise.

Six months later, by June, having followed strictly Dr. M’s cleanse/diet plan (and having felt great doing it), taken the prescribed anti-biotics to rid the parasites, heavy-duty pro-biotics and other vitamin/mineral formulas to support a refresh of healthy gut bacteria and his re-adjust of my thyroid meds (a medication that jump starts the thyroid)... I am truly a different person. Not only am I much more energetic, I have a clearer head, sleep much more soundly, I’ve lost 10 lbs. (and my tummy is 75% flatter; my clothes all had to be taken in!)

Dr. M’s caring, attentive, detailed listening and diagnostic testing process got me to where I am today and where I’ll stay. I cannot recommend him enough, to anyone who is willing to get to the bottom of his/her health and live day-to-day feeling so incredibly better!”
- Monica Anderson, August 22, 2013

Case Study: William Stromleir, 44 years old (Miami)
“It’s no wonder that the big diet-of-the-moment is the “juice cleanse,” due largely to its simplicity and lightning fast weight-loss results. As is the case with most crash diets, any pounds I dropped came right back shortly after the cleanse was over. Dr. Jeffrey Morrison’s holistic approach to healthcare also emphasizes “cleansing” the body of toxins, however – and this is most important – his regimen focuses on long term results, with healthcare goals that run the gamut from improving digestive health to lessening anxiety. Rather than introduce more medicine into patients’ systems, he aims to alleviate their symptoms by restructuring their diets to restore good organ health and function, allowing the body to heal itself naturally and prevent recurring issues down the road. The results are astounding and indicate a major shift in one’s long-term physical and emotional health. Rather than turn immediately to medication for chronic conditions treated at his practice (see a list here), try Dr. Morrison’s detoxification technique and let your body cure itself! It was an amazing shift for me, and now I can hold steady rather than yo-yo diet as I’d been doing the last 10 years.”
- William Stromleir, September 5, 2013

Case Study: Alexandra Leyton, 39 years old (Washington DC)
“I first went to Dr. Morrison’s NYC-based practice because of chronic tension headaches and frequent migraines. My best friend introduced me to his Daily Benefit diet when, a couple of weeks before we were to leave for a month-long trip through southern Europe, she told me that she had begun to “detox,” after an appointment at The Morrison Center. Not knowing much about this program, I saw our vacation flash before my eyes, as I pictured myself dragging my ever-weakening travel partner through the sands of La Concha, and – worst of all – binge eating cheese platters alone in Le Midi.

As it turned out, I was the one doing most of the complaining. Between my frequent headaches and the regular detours to find local equivalents of my body’s over the counter must-haves, it became clear that I needed to try a new approach to my health. I borrowed my friend’s copy of Dr. Morrison’s book Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind, and I scheduled an appointment immediately upon our return to the States. Within weeks after beginning treatment, my tension headaches were virtually gone. I’ve had one migraine in the last 9 months. I also felt healthier and more energetic, and, yes, several pounds lighter!”
- Alexandra Leyton 7/15/13

Great for
Jumpstarting your healthy diet without all of the guesswork required of less regimented meal plans. Breakfast and lunch are simply comprised of Daily Benefit Shakes, which are vegetarian protein blends packed with nutrients and supplements that help your body absorb and process them. The program lists many ideas for dinner and snacks, and there is even a shopping list full of grocery suggestions that correspond to recipes provided on Dr. Morrison’s website. You’ll start to notice physical improvements and better clarity of mind shortly after starting, which is great motivation to really commit to this healthier practice.

How to buy
First, take the online Symptom Survey to determine whether you should do the 10 or 30-day program. All of the supplements you need can be purchased via the online store.

Be aware
Slight fluctuations in energy level and mood may occur towards the beginning of the program as your body adjusts to a diet free of the toxins to which it has become accustomed.

30-Day Daily Benefit Set: $356
10-Day Daily Benefit Set: $177

Practice Manager: Hildy Abel
Practice Office/Customer Service: 1 212 989 9828
Online Contact Form:

Insider tip
Read his book first! You’ll have more of a grasp on all he recommends after meeting him.

Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind by Dr. Jeffrey Morrison
Reading Dr. Morrison’s book is both a great introduction to his program and a useful companion piece to have at your disposal once you’ve made the shift to the healthier nutritional lifestyle it recommends. This easy, informative read will set you on a path to good health and motivate you to keep up the good work along the way. Drawing from in-depth experience to outline his program, Dr. Morrison’s book is truly fascinating and bound to help you make healthier decisions in all areas of your life.

Great for
Familiarizing yourself with Dr. Morrison’s techniques so as to make following the program that much simpler. It’s also significantly more rewarding to “detox” if you are aware of the positive effects it will have on your system.

How to buy
You can purchase a copy via this link
Hardcover: $25.95
Paperback: $16.00

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