The Shellie Goldstein Center

Flatiron/Gramercy, New York City

“This simple yet delightful no-fuss center on Broadway between 21/22 St should not be overlooked as 'just another wellness/beauty place' - the owner and each of the four practitioners' talents & knowledge are truly impressive. Start with one treatment of whichever service grabs you, and I promise... you'll go back time and again. These ladies are passionate experts who will help you to get underneath the why of what it is you are feeling physically or physiologically - then they treat the why with acupuncture, liquid customized herbal treatments + smart nutrition. RUN - don't walk. Call and book. You'll really thank me for this...

NB: Gents! While you may not gravitate towards facials, the AcuFacial (described in detail below) is as much for you as the ladies to significantly lift & brighten non-invasivley; and Daniella Turley (on-site medical herbalist with an advanced masters degree) will help you to sleep deeply, lessen stress & alleviate digestive problems - if you make the time to see her 1x per month a few months.

My long-time London facialist, Georgia Louise, moved to NYC and teamed up with Shellie Goldstein. After having treatments with them both I am happy to report: the AcuFacial treatments make a visible difference both in lifting, toning and overall brightening the face (I've had four thus far). Shellie Goldstein’s AcuFacial® Facelift is her trademark; she calls it a non-surgical facelift - frankly, I thought that was hokey until after the 2nd treatment. Called “one of the hottest applications” by Harpers Bazaar this unique treatment really does reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lifts sagging face muscles, and helps to rejuvenate dull, lifeless skin. See more within this tabbed review...”
- Suzanne
(Date Experienced: November 2012 to present; now a regular!)


Great for
Light plumping, muscle toning, wrinkle reduction, improving skin circulation and building skin collagen and elastin. You’ll see what I mean when you look in the mirror afterwards. The combination of micro-current, ultrasound exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, light therapy, and acupuncture (optional but highly recommended) creates a noticeable lift, suppleness, and glow even after only one session (but multiple sessions over a few months are what I recommend).

How to buy
Buy a gift-pack for yourself – why not? Or one session for a friend – a gift that’ll keep giving as he/she will surely return. (I gifted four sessions to our managing editor for Christmas – she has already become a fan after her first treatment.)

Memorable moment
Each of the experts are skilled and informative - I learn a lot each time. The results are surprisingly effective and also soothing. It's so relaxing that I typically fall asleep during the acupuncture part of my treatment.

Be aware
You won’t want to stop with just one treatment. There are so many wonderful options to choose from (visit their website). Try Georgia Louise’s Signature Facial; different from Shellie’s treatment – and heavenly. (Her homemade product line can be purchased in small batches at the front desk.)

$400 for a 90 minute AcuFacial® Facelift session.
$290-$360 for a 75 minute facial
$95-$195 for acupuncture only

Great for
Getting a clearer picture into your body and what is going on... what foods you personally need to avoid, which herbal supplements will greatly support your taxed system, why you are so tired and what you can do about it. Daniella asks the right questions & provides the comfort level to really spill the beans - the more you tell her, the more she can help you.

How to buy
Depending if your assessment is more defined around, for example, the liver, the nervous system, your small intestine - will then dictate the added cost of the herbal tinctures which are ordered from the UK as Daniella has assessed them to be the best-in-market.

Memorable moment
Watching the results on the electro-dermal screening (a little prick in your finger) thinking 'How does this machine know so much of what I'd already sensed and/or what other practitioners over the years had explained to me?!' It is more effective than a blood test in many ways and can come up with very pinpointed food intolerances and where your overall energy system is. It was a neat experience. Feeling that I've finally found some tools, outside of the obvious, to help and to support me! Knowing where I am overall in my health picture - is refreshing. *EDS has been used widely for 35+ years in Europe; it is an effective and efficient way to assess hormonal, vitamin and mineral deficiencies too, which when treated, make the world of difference in how you feel day-to-day.

The first consultation is 2 hours, and costs $425; each follow-up is about an hour and costs $175.

Great for
As reported by Trusted Friend: Lina Beltran (Santa Barbara & NYC)
"A unique and different experience with actual measurable results, this treatment made my day! Upon arrival I chose a model of the areas I wanted treated, settling for my mid-section and bum. The treatment included a number of pads taped to my body which would transmit currents throughout. The initial feeling was strange but not unpleasant, almost ticklish. I also had some acupuncture done on my scalp, to promote concentration and focus. The whole thing lasted about twenty minutes. Following I had a micro-current butt toning treatment, which lasted another twenty minutes and felt pretty good. When finished I was measured again (was also measured before treatment), and amazingly I had lost 3 1/4 inches from my tummy and there was a visible difference in my bum - looks great! The results of a one-time treatment are not permanent, but perfect pre any event. My therapist explained that after a series of ten, the results can last up to two years. Looking forward to going back for my next session!"

Each session costs $120, a series of ten cost $1000.

Tel: 1 (212) 388 0800
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