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Have you got your finger on the pulse of your city? Do you know the best places to go, things to see, and (importantly) what to avoid in your area? Do you love sharing your finds with friends and visitors? Quite simply, have you got a sense of what is worthwhile and what should be skipped?

We’re looking to expand our current network of Trusted Friends who inform us on their travels via a quick & easy phone/email exchange with one of our editors who does all of the writing - which you then approve and say if you’re happy to put your name to. (See a recent review of a Cabo, Mexico resort as experienced by one of our Trusted Friends.)

Our Trusted Friends are not professional travel writers - and this is exactly the point. We (and YOU) trust the objective opinions of a mature, selective traveler much more so than we do a 20-something employee of a publishing company).

As there’s no such thing as a free lunch, Trusted Friends who contribute more than one review can receive highly discounted stays in some of the world’s top hotels and resorts. We promise not to take more than 20 minutes of your time, per review.

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